Chiron Gong - Kundalini Yoga

Sound healing the first Monday every month with The Chiron Gong

Mon 4th

From 7:30pm-9:00pm

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-Chiron represents the wounded healer—a bridge between the material and spiritual. This Gong helps to heal deep wounds and traumas, clears past life imprints, bridges between worlds; fosters interspecies communication and animal healing. Chiron is used to work with trauma survivors, and for healing deep wounds to people, animals, plants and minerals. The vibrations of the Gong penetrates our bodies on a cellular level and can help break up distorted patterns in us. Anyone can come for a session, starting with yoga and ending with a 30 min deep relaxation receiving the Gong healing.

A few benefits from Gong sound healing

-relieves neckpain

-relieves headache

-relieves muscle pain

-relieves menstrual cramps

-improves joint flexibility and range of motion

-helps us to deeply relax and rejuvenate

-helps distorted sleeping patterns

Rm50 per session including 1,5 hour of yoga + meditation and 30 minutes of Gong healing.

For any questions please feel most welcome to contact Sara Winge,[email protected], mobile 0125063053.