Spiritual Cultivation Retreat 2015

Sat 11th

From 12:00am-12:00am

Cultivate the spiritual faculties towards freedom!

This is not about concentration. It’s about cultivating confidence, vitality, mindfulness, collectedness and discernment. When these spiritual faculties are strong, the work for ending suffering becomes easier and more effective. Learn how to strengthen them in this retreat.

Teacher's Notes


Minimum age: 16. Application is open only to full-time participants (staying in throughout the period). Others are free to join the talk and discussion at 9:30-11:00am and guided meditation at 9:00-9:45pm.


Check in at Bodhi Heart Sanctuary’s Hall 3 between 1-2pm on 11 July. Surrender all mobile communication devices (mobile phones, blackberries, tablet computers, etc.) to the organiser.


The retreat ends at 11.30am on 19 July.


Participants are required to observe the 8 precepts and avoid addictive substances. The precept of not eating after noon can be waived only with the teacher’s approval.


The teacher and organiser do not charge for the retreat. However, participants are encouraged to make a suitable amount of donation to a charity of their choice. Proof of donation is not required.


Familiarise yourself with the teachings of Sayadaw U Tejaniya by listening to the mp3s found here: http://sayadawutejaniya.org/teachings/. You can also read his book Dhamma Everywhere (at least till pg57) printed for free distribution by Auspicious Affinity ([email protected]), or the Chinese version《处处皆佛法》(at least till pg34) by 传承出版社 ([email protected]).


(Read the above Notes from the Teacher first.)


Closing date: 15 June 2015 or when capacity is reached