Memorial Hall

A space of Dignity and Serenity

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We regret to inform that there is a fire mishap in our Memorial Hall on the late evening of Jan 9, 2017. This mishaps causes most of the internal setup to be razed including the site of the memorial plaque. We wish to express our deepest remorse and extend our heartfelt apologies to all Patrons who have subscribe to the memorial tablets for this most unfortunate event.

Moving forward we will be undertaking the following measures:

  1. Convene a meeting to brief all Memorial Patrons of the situation and brief them of the measures to be taken to rectify this situation.
  2. Relocate all memorial plaque to Hall 2 which will serve as the temporary memorial site for all memorial prayers, blessings and offerings.
  3. Organize a special prayer in Hall 2 this coming Sunday on Jan 15, 2017 at 10am to be conducted by Ven Xian Ben to seek forgiveness and conciliation . Another special prayer will also be conducted upon completion of the renewed Memorial Hall.
  4. Fund raise to repair and refurbish the entire Memorial Hall soonest possible.
  5. Implement greater safety features in the reconstruction of the Memorial Hall
  6. Allow the Patrons options to relocate or upgrade their Memorial Plaque once we have renew the site and at no further cost.

We seek your understanding and forgiveness over any confusion or grieve that might arise over this unfortunate incident. Do be assured that we will do our best to rectify the situation soonest possible and will take steps to avoid any similar incident in the future.

Meanwhile, Patrons may call Bro. Lim Seng Yeow (016-444 2216) for any inquiries and information.



  • 召集牌位贊助者並向各位講解火災的狀況以及接下來的應對措施。
  • Hall 2將暫時作為臨時念恩堂,供奉念恩堂的牌位以及持續進行例常的漢傳佛教共修活動如誦經、法會等。Hall 2的例常佛法講座和禪修活動亦如常進行,其所累積的功德也能利益先靈。
  • 顯本法師將於1月15日(星期日)早上十點在Hall 2為這起事件舉辦特殊法會以招請先靈入住牌位並慰藉亡靈。另一場法會則會於新念恩堂建設完畢後舉行。
  • 念恩堂的整修籌款活動將在近期內進行。
  • 我們將為新念恩堂設置更多安全措施。
  • 當念恩堂重新啟用後,受影響的牌位贊助者可選擇相同的位置或另選其他心儀的位置而無需額外付費。


若有任何疑問,您可洽Bro. Lim Seng Yeow (016-4442216) 詢問詳情。