Ajahn Cagino

Theravada - Thai

Ajahn Cagino, a former professional photographer, found a new focus in life after he set up the Dhammagiri Foundation in Mae Hong Son in 2009. He put up his first solo photo exhibition (as a monk) to raise funds to build an orphanage for the tribal communities.

For 12 years, Ajahn Cagino had been walking through the remotest jungles of Thailand, before settling down in a cave - all part of the spiritual training of a forest monk.

The sixth of seven siblings, Ajahn Cagino, formerly known as Lau Yong Fang, studied at SM Datuk Sheik Ahmad in Seremban before he graduated with a diploma in graphic design from the Malaysian Institute of Art in Kuala Lumpur. He took part in various photo competitions and won over 40 prizes, including the first prize of RM10,000 in the Asian Photography competition organised by Country Heights (Kajang, Selangor) in 1990.