Bhikkhu Amanaratho

Theravada - Thai

He was once working within the computer industry and took a degree in computing and artificial intelligence. He then traveled around the world for four years, where he learnt about meditation and the thought began, to become a monk. He has been a Buddhist monk for ten years and lives at Amaravati Monastery near Hemel Hempstead.

He leads residential family, young people and creative retreats for adults at the retreat center at Amaravati ( These events are based on co-exploration, creativity, fun and a willingness to honestly look at oneself. The main emphasis is on a contemplative or reflective attitude towards understanding who we are. This is based on accepting or welcoming the way life is and allowing our natural wisdom to arise.

He has edited two books of Ajahn Sumedho, the Abbot of Amaravati, one called Intuitive Awareness which is available for free distribution and has been translated into several languages, and another called The Sound of Silence available from Wisdom Publications.

Ven. Amanaratho is also active in inter-faith dialogues and programs.