Laxmi Bibi

Yoga for health

Bibi  started her yoga journey since 1979 with Hatha practice from The Divine Life Society of Sivananda in K. Lumpur. She was then drawn to the yoga philosophy as well as  Taoist and Buddhist thoughts. Her volunteering stay inside the several ashrams (local and overseas) gave her opportunities to learn and imbibe the yogic principles and gain a wide spectrum of The Truth which she is now looking and understanding from many different angles. She is very familiar with Bkakti yoga, Jnana yoga and Raja yoga. She is certified by the Indian SVYASA yoga university in Bangalore and is coordinating with this university for yoga teacher training course.  She respects the Chinese Shaolin practitioners who are very expert in Martial Arts and deep in their spiritual level and sees similarities between Indian and Chinese traditions and spirituality.

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