Sara Winge

Kundalini Yoga Facilitator and Instructor

Sara Winge is a dedicated yogi and has practiced Kundalini Yoga since 2004 when she got in touch with yoga due to her need of finding a well working tool to handle the overwhelming pressure that todays’ society and its flow of information can put on us, as well as for healing a burned out mind and overworked nerve system. After six years of practice in Sweden and Spain, she did her Level 1 Teacher Training for one year in Sweden with Guru Dharam Singh. In the past ten years she has kept exploring and deepening her experiences in daily practice, training modules and workshops all over the world with senior teachers. In the years of teaching and sharing these experiences with people from different kind of backgrounds, with different abilities to move, and varied ways of living, there is a common ground of peace and wellbeing found in practice, which keeps motivating her to spread these teachings to anyone who wants to learn them. Sara has also done the level 2 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training for Conscious Communication, Radiant Child Yoga Training Level 1 & 2, Gong & Self Mastery Training, Raindrop Therapy Training as well as studies of Basic Western Medicine, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Pathology, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Natural Medicine, Philosophy and Psychology and Ethics at the university in Sweden.