Sayadaw Nyana Dipa

Theravada - Myanmar

Sayadaw Nyana Dipa was born on 22 Feb 1972 in Myanmar. In 1995, Sayadaw graduated from University of Yangon with a degree in Geography. He was also a private tuition teacher in English and other subjects for both high school and universities students.

In 2007, Sayadaw was ordained as a monk and later graduate from the Sitagu International Buddhist Academy with a Diploma in Buddha Dhamma. He furthered his studies and graduated with a Masters of Arts, Masters of Philosophy and a Doctorate in Buddhist studies from Delhi University of India as well as a Bachelors of Education from MD University of India as well.

Sayadaw currently is constructing Mahasatipatthanavihara Vipassana Meditation Center (MVMC) for both Burmese as well as International yogis. His vision of MVMC also acts as a center for social welfare, a center for supporting the scholarship of students of different schools and universities throughout Myanmar.

MVMC’s daily activities includes daily meditation, children meditation courses, Buddha Abhidhamma courses in both English as well as Burmese medium and computer and English language courses for the village children.

Upcoming events with Sayadaw Nyana Dipa