Silashin Agganani

Theravada - Malaysia

Silashin Aggannani was born in 1958 in Malaysia. Her interest in the Dhamma and meditation began as a student in 1977 and she has spent her available free time during her student years and also during her working life for Dhamma and meditation retreats until 1990.

From 1990 to 1995, Silashin Aggannani had became a full time 8 preceptor /yogi (a year as nun) meditating , learning/helping in Myanmar, Thailand and Malaysia. In late 2002, she was ordained as a silashin in Myanmar at Sasana Yeitha under Sayadaw U Vasava with DR. U Sunanda as translator/witness in March 2003.She had then proceeded to study at ITBM University till 2007 when she obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Buddha Dhamma.

During this period of her life, silashin had taken the opportunity to study formally the Pali language as well as the Pali texts suxh as Abhidhamma, Vinaya and others. She was also exposed to various kinds of meditation methods such as Mogok, Sunloon, Theinn Gu, Shwe U Min, Goenka and Pa Auk apart from Mahasi Method which she has much experience over 30 years.