Choy Boon Ling

Non-Violence Communication Facilitator

Choy Boon Ling is a corporate trainer for the past 18 years specialising in the area of Train-the-Trainer, Communication, Compassionate Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Coaching, Anger Management, Competency Standards Development, Workplace Assessment and Curriculum Development

She holds an MBA from University of South Australia and a Bachelors of Social Science from USM. She also has a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment from South Australia. She has exposure to various learning approaches like Competency Based Training and Education, Neuro Semantics NLP and Accelerated learning, Kinesiology and has incorporated these approaches into helping learners learn in an effective and fun way. She is also a meditation facilitator.

Her interest in Compasionate Communication was ignited as she saw how practical this consciousness was to making life more wonderful for herself and others.

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