Theinggu Sayadaw Pon Nya Thay Hta

Theravada - Myanmar

Born in 1961, Sayadaw was ordained in 1988 by the 2nd Theinggu Sayadaw, U War Ya Ma, also known as Bee Linn lay-Thar Sayardaw, and has since been an ardent disciple and practitioner of the Theinggu method of Vipassana Meditation.

Since April 1999, after the demise of Bee-Linn Sayardaw U War Ya Ma, he became the second assistant Sayadaw Of Theinggu Vipassana Meditation centre, Yangon division, Myanmar.

At present, he is the person responsible for both physical and mental development of Theinggu Vipassana Meditation centre. He is a soft spoken person and has abilities to show the Theinggu method of meditation in soft-way leading to emancipation of Samsara

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