Venerable Master Ji Chern

Mahayana Chan

Born in Malaysia,

Venerable Master Ji Chern (birth name Zhōu Míngtiān, 周明添) was born in 1955 in Malaysia. Venerable was ordained as a Buddhist monk by elderly Master Zhu Mo in Penang in 1978. Two years after ordination, venerable traveled to Taiwan to further his studies of Buddha Dharma in Fo Guang Buddhist college.

In 1980, at the age of 25, he participated in four consecutive seven-day retreats with Chan Master Sheng Yen. It was during this retreat that he had his deep spiritual experience. Under close guidance, he was confirmed by Chan Master Sheng Yen to be a Chan Master himself and was subsequently appointed as the Dharma Heir by Chan Master Sheng Yen himself.

After receiving Chan Master Sheng Yen's approval, Venerable Master Ji Chern returned to Malaysia and taught intensive meditation classes. In order to spread the teachings to more people, Venerable Master Ji Chern returned to Taiwan in 1985 where he was accepted into the Chan lineage and given the Dharma name "Chuan Xian Jian Mi"("transmitting the exoteric, seeing the esoteric").

Venerable Master Ji Chern teaches extensively and leads many Chan (Zen) meditation retreats in various parts of the world including Malaysia, Singapore, Croatia, Taiwan, United States, Canada, Poland, Switzerland, Germany and England.

Venerable Master Ji Chern is also currently holding the following positions:

  • Principal of Malaysia Buddhist Institute
  • Abbot of Pu Zhao Monastery in Johor
  • Vice President of Malaysia Buddhist Association
  • Spiritual Teacher of Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia
  • President of Malaysia Buddhist Digest Publication
  • Spiritual Teacher of Malaysia Taiping Buddhist Association
  • Spiritual Teacher of Mahabodhi Monastery in Singapore