Dharma Dialogs

Disseminating Dharma Teachings, Prolonging the Dispensation

This area list all the Dharma Talks available in the Sanctuary - either organized by us or those from other organizations. The Dharma dialogues encompasses all Buddhist Traditions - Theravada, Mahayana, Vajrayana or Zen.

We have two weekly sessions to share and learn from the Dharma. We also have local and overseas speakers, and they are from various Buddhist Traditions, to share with us too. All our Dharma Dialogues are entirely free.

Check them out in our program calendar which will also indicate their profile and language used.

It is conducted mostly in English language, unless otherwise indicated. We even have Burmese talks for the Burmese people - though on an annual basis. It is open to the public and it is free of charge.

If you happen to miss their sharing or you may just want a copy for your reference and listening pleasure – you may download it. You may even want their entire collection.

If you happen to have your Teacher passing by Penang you may consider having them to share in the Sanctuary too.

Help Us

You are invited to offer your inspired donation to the donation boxes available - either for the Speaker/Teacher, their Organization or to the Sanctuary.

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