Heirs of Buddha

Nurturing Young Monastic Talents, Ensuring Sustainability

Heirs of Buddha (HOB) is on of our global outreach program.

Our deep and rich roots of Buddhism lies with the many great living Buddhist Masters around the world who have dedicate their life to nurture young monastic talents – both monks and nuns.

The visions of these Masters, who are great scholars and experienced cultivators, to nurture young talents will ensure continuous spiritual progress and presence while also establishing continuity of the lineage of excellence.

We are inspired to design a special program i.e., the Heirs of Buddha, to render support to their noble efforts. This is one of our international Dharma engagement.

The support, in the form of a token monetary sum of just RM400, goes specifically to the annual educational and health needs of the young talented monastic. This is indeed a small but vital gesture. Their future lies in your hand.

Help Us

his is how you can help.

We offer a token sum of RM400 per novice per year. You may forward your donation, preferably in multiple of RM400, to Penang Bodhi Heart Sanctuary (see details).

Contact Us

Connect to Bro Leonard for any inquiries or contributions.