Prayer Devotion

Praying Reflections, Expressing Devotions

Prayers have been a timeless and integral spiritual customs. It conveys Dharma teachings and meditation techniques, serve as reminders and reflections, inspire confidence and commitment, provide for healing and health, and manifest sublime powers and protection.

We have periodic prayers for auspicious or festive occasions as well as special pujas for blessings from visiting Teachers. Of course, there is also the daily prayers for the departed loved ones in our Memorial Hall.

You may either come to participate and celebrate the chants, or to discover peace and solace, or merely to learn and enrich your knowledge about prayers and devotions.

Do collect our unique chanting CD - the Amazing Vibration, a collection of non-stop 10 hours chants and recitations of the various Buddhist Traditions in different countries across the world. This one of its kind non-sectarian Buddhist chants helps you to tap into the rich spectrum of healing vibration of ancient sacred prayers for your home. Just leave it playing softly while the family sleeps or while you leave for work. It is simply amazing!

We also offer space and facilities for other organizations and their followers to conduct special prayers and pujas.

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