Memorial Hall

Remembrance, Respect and Dedication

Respect, recollect and reciprocate the care and good deeds of our parents and elders are like nurturing the roots of our being. They are primary cause of our existence and achievements. It is equitable and just to have them in our memory - even if they have departed from our presence.

This Chinese custom of honoring the departed or filial piety - an act or remembrance, respect and recollection - serve to remind us of our mortality, our need to be grateful for kindness received, and our need to care and dedicate our well wishes and blessings to them.

This Memorial Hall offer a space for us to express this cultural and spiritual values. We have a lovely site for this purpose and you are welcome to visit and explore the possibility of siting your memorial tablet with us. If you are keen to subscribe to the space for the memorial tablet do connect to us.

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If you are keen to subscribe to a space for the memorial tablet do contact Bro. Lim Seng Yeow at 016-4442216.

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