Wholesome Wholistic Wellness of Body, Heart and Mind

Our Body, Heart and Mind are primary stakeholders of our Being. Our Wellness hinge on bodily fitness, mental clarity and a joyful heart - which then results in a spiritual wholeness and lifestyle. Hence, the Sanctuary encourage all forms of wellness programs as long as they are effective, practical and cost-effective in enriching these stakeholders. Needless to say our Spiritual Programs are actually determinants to mental clarity and a joyful heart.

We offer a variety of physical fitness programs from qiqong to taichi, yoga to eurythmy, and more. Physical fitness may not arise solely from physical programs but also through other senses. Within each program we offer varied approaches for participants to choose from and progress to. We also have educational talks on health related issues. These fitness and education talks are proactive health programs.

On the other hand we also offer myriad of healing options, which are reactive programs. It range from reiki to pranic, acupuncture to food therapy.

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If you know of a teacher or are conducing wellness programs yourself and are willing to share this knowledge we are keen to hear from you.

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Please contact Bro Hor 012-341234 for any enquiries relating to wellness